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Just as its name implies, the Scala programming language is the one that is quite scalable and flexible. The functionality and beauty of it, though, was not very much in the mainstream view in the last few years, despite the fact that the first time it's been...

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While there are literally hundreds of programming languages and its dialects, some of them are older, some of them are newer and some of them are more prominent than the others. This is absolutely true when we talk about Nvidia's Cuda graphic lang...

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Learning a brand new programming language is never an easy job. But while some of them can feel just too complex and foreign (like Google's Go or Apple's Swift), others are not. The new one, launched recently by the tech giant called the Facebook, is a...

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Thanks to Lord, the Github (just as well as a multitude of other tools and services) now allows coders to have more confidence in the collective work. This defies the long record of professional coders actually acting all defensive and solitaire when it comes...

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